Useful Ecofriendly Travel Tips

Almost every traveler wants to engage in eco-friendly travel. However, being an eco-friendly traveler is not easy. If you have difficulties becoming an environmental friendly traveler, here are tips to guide you.

Avoid Using Plastic Bags

Most travelers want memories of their trips to last for up to 500 years. However, this is the same time that plastic bags can take to biodegrade. Therefore, to engage in eco-friendly travel, use re-usable shopping bags when going to the local markets.

Pack Light

When flying, every kilo of your luggage counts. When a plane weighs more, it produces more carbon emissions. Therefore, to be an environmental friendly traveler, pack only what you will need or use during the trip.

Share Loads

Public transport is among the best options for an environmental conscious traveler. When you use public or shared transport instead of private transport, you avoid creating extra carbon emissions. What’s more, public transport adds to the travel experience because it creates an opportunity for interacting with the locals.

Travel Overland

Avoid that five-hour flight to reduce carbon footprint. What’s more, traveling overland enables you to enjoy the countryside view better.

Drink Local Beer

When you drink the beer that is brewed locally, you enjoy superior ale. The drink can also be low-carbon if it cut down beer mileage. Similarly, eat locally produced foods. This makes your taste buds adventurous and carbon friendly.

Don’t Consume Bottled Water

Many people throw away plastic water bottles after use. Unfortunately, these end up in water bodies like lakes and oceans. They also clog sewers and drainage systems in some places. To be an ecofriendly traveler, use reusable water bottles.

Go on a Carbon Offset Adventure

It might be impossible to avoid all carbon emissions when traveling. However, there are adventures that you can choose to reduce carbon emissions. Essentially, choose adventures where you engage in activities that do not lead to increased carbon emissions.

In addition to these tips for ecofriendly travel, be respectful to the local people, local economies, the environment and cultures.…

Important Vaccinations for Travelers

Important Vaccinations for Travelers

Important Vaccinations for Travelers

International travelers are often exposed to a wide range of infections. Based on Chris from Glass Dawg Auto Glass Repair the destination that you are visiting, it is easy to come into contact with diseases that are not common in the United States. Besides, there are also some countries that require foreigners get vaccinated before visiting. Getting vaccinated will keep you healthy and safe from infections during the trip. It also ensures you do not infect others back at home on your return.

Generally, there are various kinds of vaccinations recommended for travelers some of which are optional. As a result, it can sometimes be challenging knowing the important vaccines to take when planning a trip. The following is a list of the most important vaccines for travelers that you should never miss out on during your trip abroad.

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a rare disease in the United States but, very common in places like Sub Saharan Africa and parts of South America. Once you are vaccinated against yellow fever, you will get protection for up to ten years.

Tetanus/ Diphtheria

This is also a common vaccination for travelers, which require a booster after every ten years.


The immunization for polio is often issued to kids at a tender age. If you are immunized against polio, it is required that you get a booster before traveling overseas.

Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella

To travelers born after 1957, a dose of each of these vaccines is recommended. The vaccination can last for a lifetime.

For those who cannot take certain vaccinations due to health reasons, an official note from your doctor detailing the condition is always required. After receiving the vaccinations, the healthcare provider will issue you with a Certificate of Vaccination popularly known as the yellow health card. And, the card must bear an official stamp from the health department. You will only need to present the card when asked to show proof of the vaccinations.

Is Getting Travel Health Insurance Necessary?

Is Getting Travel Health Insurance Necessary

Is Getting Travel Health Insurance Necessary?

Travel health insurance refers to a form of coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses that are incurred by the person insured against illness or injury when traveling. There are many reasons why travel health insurance is necessary. They include the following:

Medical Emergencies can be Expensive

When seeking medical attention abroad, you will need to pay upfront for treatment. The expenses involved may include transportation to a medical facility as well as the cost of getting you home to recover after treatment. Spending on these could eat into your travel budget considering the fact that you are in a foreign land.

Travel Health Insurance is Cheap

Most people don’t get insured because they think it’s expensive. Paying thousands on a flight or trip by sea itself is a cost you wouldn’t want to add another into. What most people don’t know is that travel health insurance is affordable. Most insurance companies provide multiple coverage options to choose from. Thus, you can easily get a coverage that suits your trip and your budget.

Avoid Losing Your Investment on Vacation

If you get ill when about to go on vacation or during the trip, you may have to cancel the trip. Your travel company will most likely not refund the cash you had spent since most company policies allow refund for cancellation made within a specified period. However, some insurance policies will cater for your treatment and probably get reimbursement for some prepaid expenses.

These are some of the reasons why you should have a travel health insurance. Currently, there are many insurance companies that offer different policies for clients to choose from. Take time to find a travel health insurance policy that suits your needs and travel budget. To make a wise choice, consider your travel destination and the risks to which your health will be exposed to when traveling.

Luxury Travel Trends worth Trying

Luxury Travel Trends worth Trying

Luxury Travel Trends worth Trying

Similar to other forms of travel, luxury travel has seen significant changes in the way people experience the world. As such, luxury travelers too are constantly in search of new ways to make their experiences unique and more fulfilling. Whether you have been a luxury traveler for long or just taking your steps, keeping with luxury travel trends is important for inspiration. Nevertheless, below are some luxury trends worth trying for a new adventure.

Private Air Expeditions

While most airlines have made significant improvements in routes, time conscious flyers still find booking first class inadequate. A private jet that flies according to your travel plan offers greater convenience and freedom. An example is the Crystal Air Cruises, the largest private jet in the world with exquisite interiors, luxurious amenities and executive chefs on board. With this kind of arrangement, you are able to tour multiple destinations having amazing adventures in a very short period of time.

Home Away From Home

Travelers are shunning the traditional hotel settings for accommodations with the touch and feel of home. Many luxury travelers want accommodations that they can ‘domesticate.’ That is why even hotel operators are striving to infuse a residential feel into their property. A private luxury home rental offers a more relaxed and customized space to make you feel truly at home while on the road.


Although some people thought cruising is on its way out, it is still rated one of the coolest luxury travel trends by many travelers.  With the introduction of new modern fleet of ships with fascinating designs and amenities targeting luxury travelers, cruising is an adventure you should definitely try. There are several private yachts that you can now hire for an escape into the sea with the family or friends.

As already hinted above, luxury travel trends also keep changing fast. As a result, staying up to date with the trends is important if you need inspiration for a new luxury adventure. Overall, the trends discussed above are incredible alternatives for unique experiences in luxury travel.