St Lucia

There are so many islands out there that one can choose to go. There are some that are ideal for people who are adventurous and while others are suited for beachgoers but St Lucia has a bit of both. You can enjoy the beach as you also have some adventure. St Lucia is well known for having,

A drive in Volcano

If you don’t mind the smell, then you could drive in into a volcano, literally. Sulphur Springs refers to itself as the only drive in Volcano. The reason is that you can hire a car and go in the boiling, steaming crater. There are also mud baths that you can splurge on while inside the volcano.

Astounding views

St Lucia is known for magnificent views that will leave you and your family or friends yearning for more. When on the Island the Pitons (two jagged volcanic peaks) are visible to all.

Having accommodation near the Pitons will make you appreciate the view more and more.

Chocolate Anyone

The Rabot estate is a plantation that grows cocoa; this plantation can be a dream come true to any chocolate lover. You can go for a tour of the manor and even see how the cocoa beans transform to the sweet, creamy chocolate that we all love.

Sandy Beaches

If you are a beach lover then this is undoubtedly the destination for you, the white as snow beaches with fine grains of sand will make you feel at home.

The beautiful beaches are all over the island, so you are not limited to one. Beaches to visit are like Anse Chastanet and Anse Cochon. If you want to have a yacht ride, then Marigot Bay will sort you out. The most popular beach on the island is Rodney Bay; it usually is more populated than the rest.

So now you know which beach to go to depending on the number of people you want around.


When you get to St Lucia, please make a point of snorkeling at the reef of Anse Piton.

Here you will encounter shoals of little squid, curious needlefish and even slippery moray eels.

There are no words that can describe the feeling of being underwater with these animals.

Favorable Weather

Many islands suffer from hurricane distractions that frequently hit now and then, but with St Lucia being in the southern location, it usually escapes enormous destruction. So being in St Lucia should make you feel a bit safer.

You can visit Pigeon Island on the north of St Lucia here you will find the remains of Fort Rodney, that was used by the US  as a signaling station in World War 11.

There are warm and charming characters on the island that will make your stay quite a memorable one.